1º Analyst Reports - 10th Jun

  • Google, Temasek, and Bain project India's internet economy will hit $1T by 2030, up from $175B in 2022, accounting for 12%-13% of its GDP, up from 4%-5% in 2022 (Livemint)
  • CTV trends to watch: Collapsing funnel, Gen Z, and more. eMarketer.
  • AI mentions on earnings calls. Link
  • Fidelity has now marked down its stake in Twitter to 33% of the purchase price. Link
  • US office occupancy data.  Link
  • Global Markets Snapshot. May 2023. Link
  • Emerging Tech Indicator. June 2, 2023. Link
  • Hashing Out the Future of Encryption Algorithms. Link
  • Takeaways From May E-Commerce Deal Activity. Link
  • Chinese VC-backed IPO activity. Link
  • VC dealmaking in UK continues to plunge. Link
  • Clean Energy Report. Q1 2023 Link
  • Emerging Space Brief: Digital Twins. Digital twins are virtual replicas of real-world assets created by sensor data and analytics. As a concept, their roots stretch back to tools used by NASA in the 1960s, but digital twins have now found acceptance and usage within the automotive, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing spaces. According to PitchBook’s estimate, the market size reached $6.5 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow to $15.6 billion within the next couple of years. PitchBook’s latest emerging space brief on digital twins explains what’s behind that growth, the different kinds of digital twin processes, and different usages.  Link
  • Unicorn companies tracker. Link

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